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      November, 24 2017 - Alla
Certified Review
I have been coming to Green Tangerine for about two months. I was introduced to Lisa there and she was very nice. She developed a plan for me and I was coming in for conditioning treatment about every other week. Unfortunately she left abruptly and I had a completely opposite experience. The entire appointment was awkward. No one knew what conditioning treatment I was talking about. My hair wasn’t even washed. I was told that the glaze was put in but my hair looked and felt the same as prior to that glaze. I was charged 52$ for 15 minutes of whatever they did. It felt like they were trying to get rid of me the whole time. Oh yes, I also used to get a complementary marocan oil sample bottle. This time when I asked I was told that they never gave those out, while I still have one left in my purse. I am so sad, humiliated, disappointed. To ad to this experience I was repeatedly asked if Lisa brought me here from her previous salon? What? But that’s not all, they are closing for “remodeling”. This is the worst hair care experience I have ever had in my life. I had to come home wash my hair and make an appointment with another salon to fix what they did. Very unprofessional, rude and overpriced!!!!
Services received :
  • Luxe Oil Intense Keratin with Danielle
  • Service Charge with Danielle
  • Glaze with Danielle
      August, 20 2016 - Sarah
Certified Review
Scheduled a highlight, cut and style. Hairdresser was over 30 minutes late to appointment. Left with an uneven cut and color.
Services received :
  • Partial Foil with Chelsea
  • Service Charge with House
      March, 07 2016 - Midge
Certified Review
Excellent service from Jesi. She is very professional and friendly. I give 5 stars for promptness and environment. We will return.
Services received :
  • Mother/Daughter Duet Manicure & Pedicure with Pahua
  • Mother/Daughter Duet Manicure & Pedicure with Jesi
      October, 27 2015 - Tosin
Certified Review
I got my eyebrows waxed and the lady messed up the shape and if that wasn't bad enough, she took of come of my skin and I now have scabs under my eyebrows. Horrible buticians.
Services received :
  • Brazilian High Line with Molly
  • Eyebrow Wax with Molly
      August, 21 2015 - Jessica
Certified Review
Yesterday was not a good experience. My stylist didn't even start my color processing until 30 minutes after my appointment time. She was running late with another client and it interfered with my entire appointment. She barely waxed my brows. I had to sit with wet hair while my stylist worked on someone else. I left with frizzy hair that looked awful. I felt that my stylist did not have time for me. It was the worst visit I have had at Green tangerine. If anything like this happens again I will not be back. I am a very regular customer and pay a lot of money for services. In addition when I first arrived some random woman told me she would be doing my color instead of my stylist! I told her no way she was...very unprofessional.
Services received :
  • Retouch with Brittany
  • Wash, Cut and Style with Brittany
  • Service Charge with House
      June, 20 2015 - Rob
I was running minutes late for what would be a short appointment and they said I would have to reschedule. Awful custimer service.
      January, 26 2015 - Nicole
Certified Review
the nail tech was very pleasant.
check in was warm, friendly kind but checkout girl was rude and cold. Off putting enough that I would never come back. An hour after I left, all of the nail polish curled and peeled off of my nails as if it was latex. So either defective nail polish was used or something was put on my nails to prevent the polish from sticking. I have never seen anything like this. The biggest waste of $24 plus $4 tip i have ever spent. The next day at work i found out from collegueas and clients that they have had similar customer service issues at this location and none ever intended to go back.
Services received :
  • Manicure with Gretchen Nails
      November, 23 2014 - Hali
Certified Review
I just rated the service 4 stars, but this 1 star is for this form you have people submit without notifying them of the public nature.
I don't think people are aware their responses become public. That is disconcerting.
Services received :
  • Wash, Cut and Style with Liz Junior
  • Service Charge with House
      October, 25 2014 - Sara
Certified Review
The pedicure was very relaxing and the technician did a very good job.
I made an appointment for the pumpkin pedicures for me and my daughter. We sat down for the pedicure and I asked if we were getting the pumpkin one on special and I was told that we were booked for the regular pedicure. I realize that this was an error on the salon's part but I was OK with it until I paid and spent $40 instead of the $30 for the pumpkin pedicure. I feel that I should NOT have been charged for the more expensive pedicures when I clearly advised the technicians that we wanted the pumpkin ones. I have been coming to the salon for facials and it seems like there is always some sort of issue with the booking or with a discount I was told I was going to get and then never did. I have one more facial booked and after that I will not be rebooking any more appointments.
Services received :
  • Pedicure with Kristen
  • Pedicure with Lindsay
      June, 16 2014 - alana
Certified Review
This salon's problem is horrible customer service! I arrived to my appt on time and was told that my stylist called out sick. I was very upset because I rearranged my schedule and wasted my personal time. A courtesy call before I drove all the way to the salon would have been nice, but the receptionist didn't think this was needed. The receptionist was not friendly and didn't seem to care about inconveniencing me at all. I was able to reschedule for an hour and 45 minutes later. This threw off my entire morning. I spoke with the manager when I left my rescheduled appt, and she took 50% off my service. This did not seem like enough to make up for the poor customer service. She was rude, and seemed to care more about her employee, and not me - a loyal customer of this salon. This is the 3rd time in 12 months that I have gotten to my appt only to be told my stylist called out of work. Very frustrating! I will not be going back to this salon, and suggest that others stay far away from this place too!
Services received :
  • Wash, Cut and Style with Amber
  • Service Charge with House
  • Redo with Julia

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